Named after an enchanting and attractive town in Lebanon, Kaslik brings the authentic taste of the famed ancient Lebanese cuisine to vibrant Soho. 

Since August 2002, our Head Chef has created a thoughtful menu that delights the taste buds. A firm favourite are the Mezze, an array of small succulent dishes. The Mezze comprise both hot and cold dishes and offer a wealth of colour, flavour, texture and aroma.

To satisfy a larger appetite, marinated meats and grilled fish, exploding with robust flavours, exceed all the expectations. An attribute of Lebanese food is the fact that is healthy as well as tasty and filling.

A choice of traditional Lebanese desserts is on offer to complement the meal, expect Baklawa, a sweet pistachio pastry and Mhallablyeh, rose water milk pudding.

Lebanon is one of the oldest wine producing countries and is much respected as the producer of some of the best wine from the Middle East.

Saint Thomas, the Lebanese House Wine has already established itself as a firm favourite amongst clients.

Also on offer from the Beka Valley is the world renowned Kefraya and the respected Chateau Musar.

Also featuring on the menu is Lebanon’s national drink, Arak, which has an aniseed base, and a variety of freshly squeezed or pressed fruit juices.

To finish your meal, you cannot miss out on one of our Lebanese coffees, flavoured with natural cardamom, cinnamon or rose water.

Kaslik Soho, 58 Greek Street, London, W1D 3DY

Tel: 020 7851 1585 

Some of our reviews:

To discover the restaurant, Kaslik is comparable to finding an oasis in the desert with the location in Soho ideal for any persons seeking to enjoy authentic Lebanese food amid the expensive and competitive business of North African cuisines in central London. My private birthday party was held below the main dining area in the basement which is decorated in the design of an Arabian tent palace replete with cushions and stools for added comfort and effect.                                     13th June 2011

It's all in the details, so they say. Rose petals and running water, diffused light and delicate fabrics, the scents of the levant, a smile, food that elevates the experience of eating beyond the need to sustain the body. Kaslik is so good, it's beyond cliché. I've been three times now, and every time I try to resist, I try to hurry, and wolf, and stay at London pace, but it's no good. In the end, it comes down to the food. If the only place they served Lebanese food this good was a street in Beirut where snipers were picking off the diners, I'd still think it was worth it. Delicious is some kind of insult to food this good. No wonder the staff are so happy, they get to eat this stuff every day. And I haven't mentioned the wine. I've never had Lebanese wine before; although I have tried Israeli and it was drinkable, this stuff is in another league altogether. One tip for you; whatever they recommend, say yes. Even if it sounds horrible, or weird, or whatever. They know what they're doing, you will love it. I promise. I'm going there next week.                           

We are celebrating 12 years on the 28th of August!!

Come and party with us!

We are extremely proud of this achievement and

we thank you for making it happen!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you!!!!!!

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